10 Ways To Make Lunch On A Budget

Whether you have all the time in the world to make a delicious midday meal, or you’re trying to rush through a lunch break, it’s hard to deny the siren’s call of fast food. But when you’re trying to be healthy and save money, it’s hard to know where to start.

You can fear no more, because here on ten creative ways to make the most of your lunchtime, without slowing down with greasy food.

10. Turkey Burger with Veggies

Recipe: Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers


This is a protein-packed and totally delicious way to make lunch at home. Pair with a bags full of fresh vegetables, and you’ve got a simple way to make the rest of your afternoon fly by!

9. Fresh Salad

Recipes: 50 Simple Salads


With just a little bit of future planning, anybody can have a delicious and healthy lunch with all manner of colors and flavors. It doesn’t have to cost an arm-and-a-leg, either, because shopping while certain vegetables are in season and on sale will help a lot.

8. Turkey Wrap

Recipe: Instant Turkey Wrap


This is a great option for people entirely too used to eating desk lunches. Pack it full of colorful spinach and tomatoes and you’re good to go!

7. Vegetable Omelet

Recipe: Veggie Stuffed Omelet


This won’t exactly fly in the office kitchen, but it is possible if you’re able to eat lunch at home. It’s also perfect if you have a propensity for breakfast at technically inappropriate times – as all the best people do.

6. Protein-packed oatmeal

Recipe: Sunday Morning Oatmeal


Okay, the secret’s out – I genuinely love all kinds of breakfast food and I couldn’t care less what time of day it is. Since oatmeal is a staple of my meals, it’s perfectly acceptable as a protein-packed lunch option. You can add all kinds of goodies from your kitchen, but you can use the recipe above for some added kick or some peanut butter for added protein.

5. Re-Purpose Leftovers

No recipe for this one, because I hope that you are able to incorporate healthy eating into all your meals – including the ones eaten at home. For this, it’s just a matter of portion-control.

Make several extra servings of a healthy dinner, and save them in the refrigerator for a delicious meal with practically no prep time. This is also a great economic option because you don’t have to keep buying a variety of ingredients for lunch-only foods. Just stock up on the things you make for dinner!

4. Keep it Simplekeep-it-simple-blog-image

Okay, last one with a guideline before we get back into the recipes. When you’re looking for other recipes and ideas on how to make healthy lunches – simplicity is key. As long as you’ve got a handful of vegetables and proteins together, you can throw pretty much anything together and it’ll work.

Don’t freak out about it. You don’t have to throw together anything elaborate for something to be healthy.

Just breathe.

3. BLATs (Bacon – Lettuce – Avocado – Tomato) Sandwiches



Need some fresh sandwich advice? Make a change to the classic BLT by adding avocado, a nationally recognized superfood.

Okay, it’s not that but it is delicious and is a fresh change and it’s good for you.

2. Make a soup

Recipe: Sweet Potato – Peanut Bisque 


This another recipe that can easily double as a dinner-and-then-leftovers lunch, or a lunch that can go on for another few days. Either way, it makes delicious use of healthy ingredients to make a filling meal.

1. Make A Salad With Slightly More Complicated Ingredients.

Recipe: Egg Salad

egg-salad Who said a salad only has to consist of vegetables? You can also switch things up by making creamy kinds of salads with all kinds of veggies on the side.

What’s your favorite workday lunch recipe?


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